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Who we are

The Workshed is managed by foundry asset management, on behalf of Cornwall Council. We support small and start-up businesses wanting work and co-working space. We are a business incubator that offers a base, support, and network to help you grow, develop and progress. We aim to facilitate a space for growth whatever stage you are at in your journey.

We believe in creating a model of corporate business that is not only built on outcomes and profit but on psychological and community values. We understand the importance of creating a community network of businesses where creative collaboration, synergy and opportunity is possible, providing better outcomes for all.

Our Vision, Passion & Values

Growth and Development are one of our key values. We recognise that as your business grows it impacts on all areas of your life, which is why our focus is not only to provide a workspace but to help you in other areas.

Our values are to create a supportive community where there are abundant opportunities for business interaction. Our Vision is to help you thrive, as well as providing a safe respectful working environment for all.


Reduce the overwhelm and isolation that often comes with starting up a business by helping you become part of a like-minded community who understands the stresses and pressures of business.


Connect with other businesses at social events thrown throughout the year where you can network with and gain opportunities for collaboration and synergy.


We will help with some of the day-to-day practicalities of running your business, freeing up your time and energy so you have more capacity to focus on your goals and vision.

Meet The Manager

“You will find me at my happiest when I am out exploring the Fungi, Flora and Fauna or head stuck in a rock pool with a snorkel, mind blown by just how beautiful nature can be! I like to keep my small garden productive, producing summer salads , herbs and fruits and love to eat Alfresco in the summer evenings.

Content with the simple things, good food, good company and a beautiful vista I find I am truly rich indeed. It’s important for me that my time is put to good use and my efforts are solution based and help toward positive outcomes.

My role at the Workshed offers me a platform where I can be of use to people in creative industries at whatever stage they are in the process. The fact I can do this on my doorstep is a bonus as I get the chance to improve the prosperity of an area I choose to call home for my family.

Within creative industries people are doing amazing things which all started as an idea, a flash of inspiration and it’s wonderful to feel that I have, in a small way, helped these ideas come to fruition.”

Daniel Sturrock
Manager of The Workshed, Liskeard

Foundry Asset Management

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